Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Friends and Help!

Recently I approached a friend in Canada for a possible investment in my new venture, who was referred by another friend (the Canadian friend's sort of Guru and listens to him).....

Obviously they are all Indians.

Now what best the person can do? He has to be sincere first of all....

He can try to get the necessary contacts and pass it on. That helps.

The help should not be a show off item, to show that he is helping someone (senior in experience is another matter)... but the willingness to help out is the key thing. Only on success something in return as reward can be done, isnt it?

See the trap? If not helped he gets hit by his other friend, but there is no conviction to help out. Lethargy, conniving regulations....

If I were in his place, I will for sure, make the best possible attempt to get the help my friends friend need. Let me see what happens next.

Recently an ex colleague and a friend called and spoke to me. He was fired from the organization for showing dissent to the management. I had taken special interest in providing him the job and the needed help in whatever way.... That apart, he was in the wrong job... never interested, showed from the sincerity he showed. Never turned up before 11 AM and left like 7 PM, did not work in private firms. Now he has moved to another job, that seems to fit the bill. Now that he is in a new job, calls and brags about it, just 2 weeks into it, after a 6 months haitus. Good luck to him!

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