Friday, August 01, 2008

Maanada Mayilada

The lousy program is going to end soon. I am going to get the TV time on Sunday even to watch HBO back. Hooray!
Grapevine says that they are going to bring in a kids shows in similar lines.
Oh Oh... what will they do for rain songs?
I need to defintiely write about Ganeshkar and Aarthi (mottai for the show? meyire pochchu) - I am giving them both an award of Rs 1000/- each for their spirited performance. They made the show watching worthwhile for me.

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shalini murugiah said...'s hard to tell whether you are a fam or not from you posting! i thought i was the only one blogging about maanada mayilada....glad to see there are others :)

haters or lovers!