Thursday, July 31, 2008

MBA at 40+?

Are you an average person, know for sure, some degree of fancy is there to help you?

Then here is the magic wand! Get an MBA!

I don't think that the MBA should be viewed as a magic solution to career advancement. One person that worked for me had an MBA but was not much of a go-getter. Other people without MBA's were more functional in their roles. And of course, some people with MBA's are very effective.

I think that the wrong thing to do would be to completely interrupt your career to get an MBA. Continue your career and get one part time if you can. Or maybe better yet, ask yourself if there isn't some graduate degree that would fit better with your past experience and your future goals.

As far as future goals, hopefully by 40 making a lot of money isn't the main goal. I've worked jobs where I made a lot of money that I did not particularly enjoy, and I've worked other jobs making less that I loved. You must know that by now.

Instead, get real honest with yourself and find a niche in business that you feel very strongly and passionate about. It should be something that you love to talk about, read about, and work with daily. It should be something that makes you reluctant to retire.

If you can't seem to find anything like that, you need to do some self analysis. Perhaps you have got too far from yourself and don't know how you feel about things anymore from working too long doing things you do not particularly enjoy. Take a break before you run after some goal and make sure that you are going to enjoy doing it 8-10 hours a day.

Some of the most successful people weren't particularly successful at higher education. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard. Steve Jobs was also a college drop-out.

If you are a fun lover, relaxed individual, makes me wonder if you would find an MBA program tedious and too left brain for your tastes.

Sometimes later in life we can look at all the successful people and say that we could have done the same thing too. But each person's path has an individual value that should not be discounted. My guess for you is that you might be better off accepting the path that you have taken in life and find a way to make it work for you. You don't want someone else's success.

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