Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Scooter versus 4 wheeler

A friend owns a scooter and doesnt like it that much. Waiting for Tata Nano, or Maruti 600 (yes friends for Rs1.2 lakhs).

The reasons are as follows

- Tough to drive a two wheeler, the balance has to be there on hands
- If you have a fat rider on the back (like me) it wobbles
- pain of carrying 2 helmets
- Mileage is OK
- What about Rain or Sun problems
- I dont think there is an air cooled scooter
- 4 cannot travel (but Ratan Tata has seen 5 travelling, so Nano came into being)
- Lifters/Robbers get away with Scooters/Bikes very fast.

A scooter joke ---- http://www.billabongvalley.com/website/index.php?id=104

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