Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day எங்கு போய் முடியுமோ?

I respect my father to the core. I am even planning to give out an award every year for an young and first time Thamizh writer. There are ways to honor. The times group is so crappy in terms of articles - having stupids write for them, pardon me, where even PC agreed they can unseat an FM. See now the story of Mrs Raghuram Bhat of Udupi & Karnataka MLA. Authenticity on front page, that she is alive etc. What happened? Police party nexus? God help us! (even there is a circular to do it).  எங்கு போய் முடியுமோ? முதலிலே பெங்களூர் விமான நிலயம் சரி செய்யுங்க !

USA is so stupid in monopolizing the days. In between Thanksgiving and July 4th, they ensured there are enough sale days. So you go with days for Mothers, Fathers, Farters, etc. (St Peters for Beer, mind it rascals, read in Tamil way - Dhoni advt.)

Luckily there is only Labor day in between, who get screwed royally working for them.

Go Obama!

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Anonymous said...

Oru nalla post.

India'la Gandhi Day madiri Vijay day vaenum.

- Ram