Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How time Changes (Chennai to Bangalore)

Moving from Chennai to Bangalore was a tough decision. We moved in April after I got a job with a small company, with so called lots of responsibilities.

I wrote down the pro's and con's of the move.

Logix of move
-Location which is cooler than Chennai
-Nice weather
-Job Satisfaction
Money involved
-rent costing 5k more
-maid salary expensive by few hundreds
-Eating out, cost of living a bit more Rs 500 extra
-few trips till the house is found
-donation at 20k per kid
-fees at same level of Chennai
-dispose the old one and get a smaller one owing to parking problems
-visits are more frequent
-expenses are more, for sight seeing, taxi etc.

Shifting costs were covered by the company to the tune of 50K, covering movers cost and house finders fees plus the flight tix.

Looking back, the total cost involved was Rs 1.5 lakhs extra. That is Rs 2.27 lakhs before tax money.
Judgment now
-was it worth the move?
-money was there, but not there - bonus only on paper (US recession made it 0)
-net savings negligible, as the cost of new car covered it
-lost superannuation and gratuity and continued service from previous company
-only family is happy for Bangalore

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