Friday, May 23, 2008

Is it possible to be an MBA without studying?

Is it possible to be an MBA without studying?

A million dollar question.

Check this

If you read and sort of participate in all the discussions, you would have made it. Knowledgewise, YES.

Lots of things you gain in the work life. So MBA is an added advantage. Concentration (Camp?). Based on the NPV of investments, is the ROI worth it. says yes for most of the colleges (if you get a job). Few of my friends who have done part time MBAs didn't see any value add, after 10 years of experience. (there is a message for me)

Now what about Ross School, MIT Sloan, Wharton, Cornell and Columbia along with Yale and Harvard. They are definitely up there. But for folks you have been brought up, bright in good family environment, etc.... makes sense. Not for people like me, who at young age, looked literally forward for a good meal! from 1982, not even a single day has passed without me working and earning! 1982 was dual mode study, school and work till 1990. The whole family used to work! Never mind the good ole days at Kotagiri with Cloth Shop, Estates etc... and what losses can do to you...Days of Ragi puttu, very rarely idlies ,one time rice etc...Foreign was not new to us, as relatives were there and used to gift us, and we had a taste of it (chocolates etc.). My brother was also planning to go to Kuwait on hosiery work, when IRAQ captured it, so he returned back before even he boarded the flight - a sad story I will have to elaborate upon later. My family used to send me away to Grandparents, always during school vacations, it helped me and them. May be that made me a bit more successful. Education wise both my sisters are having multiple degrees now.

Well I did write GMAT in 1995 end and also ensured, in 96 attended at Reading campus 3 courses without completing finals (names forgotten ... Economics, ...Accounting and Decision....) costing me about $4500 USD @ $475 a credit hour - contact classes 3 days, including weekends. I think it is still the same now from LaSalle Univeristy. Heard that they are trying to recruit students in India. Those courses I took, come back to my memory, when I discuss about NPV, ROI etc with my wife for her MBA exams preparation.

May be my poor decision making of returning back to India (no one can kick me out, rain or shine principle, it's my own country man!) has made me change jobs at the drop of a hat, er... satisfaction. (I have decided it is next five years of work. That's it, then education/relaxing field or some easy biz - retirement) Money has never been the motivation. May Dad used to tell me, money will follow where the talent is. It is happening always and even today. He did see me a multi-millionaire in Rs. before he passed away, which he always wanted, the pride in him stayed on.

I am good in case studies, thanks to Business World, HBR and I think that quality helps along way in my current job too. I have handled enough MBAs from IIMs, UCB etc.. and always proved that I was a better task master.... If I can understand the M&A strategy and concepts, and some understudy assignment in Investment banking, I can pass off better than a proper MBA for sure! I don't have the looks or charm - may be that is the cultivation you get done in these league schools?

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