Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Power of Blogging! Please Help Prabhu!

You can read about, how a blog by a person Kiruba http://www.kiruba.com , has helped the medicare expenses (collecting from fellow bloggers) of an 18 year old Engineering Student, who fell from 3rd Floor by Mistake... (Please dont ask me whether that was ragging or any mischief.... I am told not...)

Here is the link http://helpprabhu.pbwiki.com/

I challenge my fellow blog readers to ensure the expenses are taken care, the balance of Rs 6.6 lakhs needed, as Rs 1.9 lakhs was collected. A drop by drop helps!

Also please look at this...


The SRM University has international tie-ups and great links. So students and faculty of SRM along with the owners, please help Prabhu! (I know only Rs 103,000 was given).

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