Sunday, February 18, 2007

Differentiation is the key

Differentiation is the key to get hired, retain talent. The HR guys typically tell about the soap story (why so many varieties but the same function)

I have come across, far-fetching, mouth-balling co's who promise a lot.

There is one company who claims to be one of the best employers in the world, couldnt afford to pay the living allowance more than $800 a month with a commune apt acco provided, for the people visiting from India to USA (for all levels) $30 per day actual, but $100 deducted over a month for the food-stuff provided at work - compared to a previous employer I worked with who could pay $120 per day other than acco...

There is one company who always hires the person one level below and just try to match the salary, and never revise, but instead dole out only ESOPs - cash crunch?

Recently a company was in touch with me to hire me at a CTO level, and they were proceeding as if I was the one for them. One particular day, I was to meet them, tix were not booked, but had to delay by a day owing to my Dental pain. They couldnt wait. No calls to date. Imagine, If I had joined them, what would happen to my personal works etc?

So employees take the family first route and employers the employee first route. It may not go well, if this is not followed and troubled waters in terms of referral etc would happen.

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