Sunday, February 18, 2007

Koffee with Anu (Prakash Rai and Prithviraj)

Anu was cool as ever. No jokes this time...

Prakash Rai was playing an Othello, with an Oedipus Complex.... I have been reading about his life in Ananda Vikatan and he was repeating teh same - except the poem from Vairamuthu... I fondly call Diamond Pearl. I t was gross when he said he wanted to marry his mother itself, and was refering to her as Ava Ava, without respect. He might be few years elder to me, but I have the right to say this ... please respect elders ( being a fellow Kannadiga and I dont have any bashai's too, even though I am quite comfortable with English, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Dutch, Spanish, German and French.) Call me back Sir! (I need to talk about that story!)

Prithivraj at 24 was cool as ever, based on the movies I have seen Parijatham and Kanaa Kandaen. But nutty though. Praising all the time on Prakash Rai.

My rating 5 on 10.

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