Monday, February 26, 2007



There was a young man who went overseas to study for
quite a long time. When he returned, he asked his
parents to find him a religious scholar or any
expert who could answer his 3 Questions. Finally,
his parents were able to find a Muslim scholar.

Young man: Who are you? Can you answer my questions?

Scholar: I am one of Allah (SubHana Wa At`Ala )'S
slaves and Insha-Allah (God willing), I will be able
to answer your questions.

Young man: Are you sure? A lot of Professors and
experts were not able to answer my questions.

Scholar: I will try my best, with the help of
Allah(SubHana Wa At`Ala).

Young Man: I have 3 questions:

1. Does God exist? If so, show me His shape.

2. What is thaqdir (fate)?

3. If shaitan (Devil) was created from the fire, why
at the end he will be thrown to hell that is also
created from fire. It certainly will not hurt
him at all, since Shaitan (Devil) and the hell were
created from fire. Did God not think of it this far?

Suddenly, the Scholar slapped the young man's face
very hard.

Young Man (feeling pain): Why do you get angry at

Scholar: I am not angry. The slap is my answer to
your three questions.

Young Man: I really don't understand.

Scholar: How do you feel after I slapped you?

Young Man: Of course, I felt the pain.

Scholar: So do you believe that pain exists?

Young Man: Yes.

Scholar: Show me the shape of the pain!

Young Man: I cannot.

Scholar: That is my first answer. All of us feel
God's existence without being able to see His
shape... Last night, did you dream that you will be
slapped by me?

Young Man: No.

Scholar: Did you ever think that you will get a slap
from me, today?

Young Man: No.

Scholar: That is takdir (fate) my second
answer........ My hand that I used to slap you, what
is it created from?

Young Man: It is created from flesh.

Scholar: How about your face, what is it created

Young Man: Flesh.

Scholar: How do you feel after I slapped you?

Young Man: In pain.

Scholar: That's it. This is my third answer, Even
though Shaitan (Devil) and also the hell were created
from the fire, if Allah wants, insha-Allah (God
willing), the hell will become a very painful place
for Shaitan

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