Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Found on the Net! What the heck on IT?

Now what is a budget? If you are in a majority and thus an aam aadmi, to you budget (read monthly budget) would be something like this:

Roti (Ration/ pani) : Rs. 5 - 7000/-
Makan (rental etc.) : Rs. 7 - 9000/-
Bijli ( water telephone) : Rs. 3 - 4000/-
Dawai (medical) : Rs. 1 - 2000/-
Padai (education cost for two): Rs. 5 - 7000/-
Sadak (tranportation) : Rs. 2 - 3000/-

Total (monthly) budget : Rs. 23000/- to Rs. 32000/-)

This is what are compulsory and minimum expenses. Now even if you are to leave out the optionals (of minimum Rs. 5000/- monthly expenses on clothing/ outings/ holidays / car maintenance etc.), then you are still left with an annual budget of Rs. 2,50,000/- at the minimum and that with a family of four only!

Thereafter, to repeat, if you an aam aadmi, are you left with anything to pay??? Then, is there any point in taxing someone with an income >Rs.2,50,000/- p.a.??!! Chidambaram must consider this as well! Sometimes, atleast!!

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