Monday, February 26, 2007

Daylight Saving Time

Note that the Daylight Saving Time, is going to give more money for Indian Software companies. Thanks Mr Bush on behalf of India! There should be more H1B numbers in the offing soon! (Spring session!)

Here is the list of the new DST for USA.

How it works? At 2 am in the morning USA, changes the clock forward.... by 1 hour. From 2007 onwards 3 weeks early starting by March 3rd week Sunday and ending on 1st week on November, to save energy it seems! (giving more time for people at home!)

United States European Union
Starts/Ends at 2 a.m. Starts/Ends 1 a.m. UT
Year DST DST Summertime Summertime
2003 6-Apr 26-Oct 30-Mar 26-Oct
2004 4-Apr 31-Oct 28-Mar 31-Oct
2005 3-Apr 30-Oct 27-Mar 30-Oct
2006 2-Apr 29-Oct 26-Mar 29-Oct
2007 11-Mar 4-Nov 25-Mar 28-Oct
2008 9-Mar 2-Nov 30-Mar 26-Oct
2009 8-Mar 1-Nov 29-Mar 25-Oct
2010 14-Mar 7-Nov 28-Mar 31-Oct

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