Sunday, August 13, 2006

How I caught an email fraudster in Chennai

As you are aware, myself and some other friends/peers/learned Gurus are providing Free Astro consultations using the KP system, on various Astro groups on the internet. Being the scientifc way, solutions are obtained fast. The only benefits accrued is the database of certain special cases (handled anonymously without names).

I get 100's of emails with no genuine interests in getting the actual reading. So I started telling from end of July 2006, anyone interested should donate to a worthy cause and send me the proof. This was a success, 99% people of bogus interest or fishing for a free reading, who are willing to spend money on hours of internet service, but not for a worthy cause, stopped emailing!

I spend my weekends and free times in the weekdays, to do this yeoman service.

Now about, "How I caught an email fraudster in Chennai".... This all happened in the last 24 hours.

This person, born in a South Indian City of Tamilnadu, studied at one of the good Engineering college in Tamilnadu. He is actually a network admin person now, as his brains didnt work to be a developer, who had job hopped a multiple times, and fired few times, in his earlier jobs, on unwanted activity in the company hours using internet.

Few days before he sent me a mail requesting for a free reading about his delayed marriage. He had also cribbed in his mail about spending lots of money to astrologers, pariharas, and even for his own astro software for his own predictions. I did a Prasna, and found out that this was a bogus interest, and replied him with a standard reply. He replied back saying, that he works for a Government Agency, a SPY and has military contacts and I will have to face dire consequences, if I dont give him a proper reading. I said enough is enough, and called my Security specialists friends in the IT field. I also checked with the IT Act (2000) experts on this type of mail. There was a Cybercrime committed. I gave the copies of the emails I had from him, and also pointings to his traces on the groups, where he had left messages. Luckily he had used the same birth dates all over being truthful there, so evidence was there all around the web.

I used my contacts with the authorities and the my own friends in the Cyber Security area, and tracked the locations of the person, to his office and also to his home, where he had emailed from. This person, forgot that in all the webmail programs, the origin IP address is also sent along with it and that is his Jathaka. You have heard about certain arrests in India using this technique. I ensured that this is not leaked to the newspapers and media. Sworn to secrecy!

A trap was set, and today morning he has been taken to custody.

Also this was notified to his current employer of few months, an MNC company, of sending frauduent threatening mails from the office internet service to outsiders (first of all using webmail from office was banned there it seems). Monday morning is going to be a very new day for that person, in a different environment.

I hope this serves as a warning to others, who are trying to fraud and threaten people! Technology will catch them, somehow.

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