Monday, August 14, 2006

Classic Case of Twins with KP System

How would you explain about two people born on the same time(recorded), at the same hospital having different fates? Rich-poor,Healthy-weak etc.

The classic case of twins, born to a mother by operation, having thesame exact Natal Chart. (Lagna, Stars,...). Father did not have anywealth at all, he was a bag lifter in a cotton mill.
DOB 19-1-1964, 7.50AM, Coimbatore.

(1) One is surviving who has Polio, is poor. Unmarried. Plus two.
(2) The other one very Healthy, Civil Engineer and had a decentsalary, passed away in an accident at age 27 (21-5-1991), married -love (21-1-1990) with a kid then.


I am not also trying to prove one system of analysis is better than other. I am also learning here. I would say even the first time recorded is not that accurate by few seconds.
I am not analysisng the entire chart, but giving the pointers of the houses concerned as given.

What has heppened in life, is shown above with that extra 20 secs.

Here is small explanation with KP system, with the Cuspal Sub Lord theory. (I am not explaining on Significators and Ruling Planets here)

(1) 7.30 AM - time corrected (shows about his health and matches with education)

Asc with Mo/Ju, 2nd STL/CSL Ra/Ve, 3rd, Sa/Ju, 5th Mo/Ju, 7th Sat/Jup, 8th Ve/Ve,
10th Ra/Ke, 11th Sa/Ju and Other RPs Su-Su-Sa, Mo-Mo-Ma, Ve-Ra-Ju, Sa-Ma-Sa

Ra with Ve late marrage for (2,7,11) also one of the cause for low education (3,8,5).

(2) 7.30.20 AM - Doctor/Nurse has confirmed, it took about 15 to 20 seconds, to move the second baby out.

ASC with Mo/Ju, 2nd STL/CSL Ra/Ke, 3rd Sa/Ju, 5th Mo/Ju , 7th Sat/Jup, 8th Ve/Ve,
10th Ra/Ve, 11th Sa/Ju Other RPs Su-Su-Sa, Mo-Mo-Ma, Ve-Ra-Ju, Sa-Ma-Sa

Now what is different from above?

Only CSL of Ke instead of Ve changes in 2 and 10.
That was enough for change in his fate.

7th shows about marrage, confirmed as love for (2, 11) and marriage date matched.
Also his 8, 12, 2 and 7 has shown serious health issues on Sun Transit time during May 1991 (Kethu effect). Also Su and Ve helped in profession (10).

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