Friday, March 03, 2006

About starting a software co. with Rs 10,000/-

I keep reading about Infosys and Polaris, starting as a software co. with Rs 10,000/- as initial capital.

Just a few paise worth my thoughts, as I have run my own co. too.... for 9 months and blew Rs. 70 lakhs in all, having about 20 employees in a very comfortable office. In the last part, I couldnt afford running my own paid website, so switched to the one hosted by Tripod.

You would need at least 25 lakhs to run a co. in today terms, to establish and pay rent and develop something and market for 6 months, on the meagre side. I did few trips abroad and spent few lakhs more apart from spending few lakhs on meeting VC's in India.

On indexing the above amount (even if other founders have worked for free!) it would have costed Infosys atleast 2 lakhs (conservative) those days of 1981... For that matter for Polaris it would have costed about 10 lakhs (very conservative) in 1993.

My friend, who is aged 70 and a famous old writer says, you need to contact the right powerful people in the right time, willing to take risk in your name. (benami's)

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