Monday, March 06, 2006

Indiatimes - Cheaters on Online Shopping

This episode is a warning for the online shoppers...

I regularly look for deals online and order VCDs for my family.

I recently had very bad experience on the online store of Indiatimes group.

Lots of cheating goes on in terms of what is offered and what is given.

(1) I had ordered Hanuman VCD, and I was to get Popeye VCD and Spiderman VCD free. It is not given.

(2) Also to my anguish I see that the cost of Mitr My friend VCD on price tag MRP is rs 199/- only, whereas I have been billed rs 299/-. This amounts to cheating, Sec 420 under IPC.

I have also written about this to Raj Sardesai of CNN IBN, as they have exposed so many things on the CNN IBN channel and I hope they would run a small story, not considering this as trivial.

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