Saturday, August 10, 2013

First Day First Show Thalaiva

This family movie craze to watch FDFS First Day First Show, doesnt die in Bangalore if its a holiday. Didnt like Thalaiva movie. 2nd half was a pain in the butt. Pathetic. The movie should be trimmed, some more songs/duets needed
We liked Thuppaakki though.
My sons opinion on Thalaiva. Bore. Any movie that doesnt show the hero within few minutes, doesnt click. He understands!!!! But where are the songs, he says!!! Vijay means dance right?
 A waste of 300 rs per ticket,  plus popcorn combo meals cost.
Sam Anderson makes a cameo appearance in Thalaiva. Heard he is there in Biriyani in a Kuthu song too. Internet fame never fades. Long Live!

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