Saturday, August 10, 2013

Actor Shiva on IBNLive and my Questions

I had asked Actor Shiva on IBNLive and he answered my Questions!

  • why are you called Agila Ulaga Super Star? Asked by: Bangalore Vijayashankar
  • Directors think its funny, I have told them not to use but they are not listening to me. 

  • Do you think after Vadivelu, Powerstar has the best sense of joke timing? Asked by: Bangalore Vijayashankar
  • I think he has sense of timing but I dont know what sense it is.
  • Apart from Santhanam, with the same type of TV style jokes, who else can get into cinema world? Robo Shankar et al? Asked by: Bangalore Vijayashankar
  • There are so many talented people, can't take any name

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