Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bangalore - Be Aware of Car stopping thiefs

Couple of days back, following information was shared in our apartment mail. Hope it helps others also. Take note of the following security guidelines:


ü  Drive carefully and never resort to 'Hit and Run'

ü  Always keep doors of your vehicle locked from the inside while driving

ü  Remain calm and do not panic

ü  Avoid parking / stopping your vehicles at an isolated place

ü  Do not pick up fights as this could lead to physical harm

ü  Pay attention to and be aware of landmarks on the routes that you commute within the city


We shld report and seek help if we find ourself or are witness to an untoward situation.




Master Control Number (can be dialed from anywhere to report incidents in Bangalore City limits)

080 2294 3322*

* This number is directly monitored by the Commissioner of Police, Bangalore City


Bangalore Police Control Room

100 / 103

HSR Layout Police Station

080-2943467, 22943474

Security Control Room, Wipro, Sarjapur  

080-25056288, 25056032

Subramanyam Rayasam-Location Security Manager, Wipro Sarjapur

98809 32748

Inspector Rajesh, Officer In-Charge, HSR Layout Police Station

94484 48833

Sub-Inspector Mirza Ali Raza

99728 33003

Ashok (Assistance on Cheetah towards Marathahalli)

99026 60986

Vijayamurthy (Assistance on Cheetah towards Iblur)

99808 34703

Manjunath (Crime Squad)

98456 68681

Ravindra Kumar (Crime Squad)

99803 99551

ELCIA Security & Traffic Control Room

080 - 2852 2888, 9342839026, 95384 93219


ü  Make sure you have the MASTER Control number on your speed dial

ü  When you call for help provide details such as your name, mobile number, details of your vehicle, your location in reference to a prominent landmark and a brief detail of the incident

ü  Inform the police of the make, colour, registration numbers of vehicles being used by the miscreant(s)


**Modus operandi of the recent reports of extorting money by a motorcycle gang


The group usually targets cars with single occupants during day time. They signal the driver to stop, by continuously honking from the rear of the car. They scare the occupant by stating that they have caused an accident on the way resulting in an injury to someone and force the driver to withdraw money from ATMs and part with their valuables.

The group is known to use vehicles with registration plates in Kannada, making it difficult for most people to read. 


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