Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bangalore Tweetup Pictures - April 14th, 2010

Yesterday ( April 14th, 2010 ) I managed to drive in the hard rain and tough weather, in the potholed roads of Bangalore - Outer ring road - with lots of construction sites..... It was planned for 7 PM, so started at 6 PM to be in time - the Innovative multiplex @ Marathalli is about 20kms away, but I reached at 7.40 PM and was there till 9 PM.... ( reached home around 9.40 PM, bit late for a call... )

Nothing much was discussed, except the regular intro stuff - how you came into blog and tweets world.

Sridhar ( @orupakkam ) had come from USA, so this meet was held.  :-) The other attendees were (tweeters) @Sammy_I @ravisuga @BalaramanL @subatomic @sanbharath @TBCD

Nice coffee was served! Thanks Don. I dont know who it is....

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sundaravadivelu said...

friends all joining together and passing the times are really the boon moments... if these things happens frequently means, we don,t need yoga or another entertainments.. there is nothing simultaneous to friendship..