Monday, February 15, 2010

PETA and efforts

Many are commenting on my blog, which I don't publish on the PETA efforts to curb street dogs menace.

Thanks for your comment in my blog on PETA. I have 2 young children, who go out to streets and play. Hope you understand the seriousness in which I write about anything concerning wellness of kids.

30 dogs were taken out to shelter, with my effort in Arakere area. Thanks to visit of one cinema VIP to my home.

Few kids are being treated for dog bites even today.

If you want to see my area, get into G4 bus at Brigade road junction and get down at Arakere stop and walk around in the area. You will know what I am talking about.

I was one of the first few members along with Actress Amala ( Telugu actor Nagarjuna's wife ) in Blue Cross of Hyderabad. Year 1991.

I do know what taking care of animals would mean.

Arakere is the only area in Bangalore where you can see "sparrows" which are getting extinct, as they say due to telecom towers.


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