Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a concept, that can be well applied enterprise wide.

There is no confusion in using it. It is all about deployment.

To make it simple, there is very simple architecture dimension to it. Necessary servers and related applications are deployed very close the the place of use, limiting the internet "hopping" dependence. Also over intranet, multi cities connection with a dedicated VPN, might give an exemplary performance.

At times I felt that this is a new way of Marketing the same existing ( co hosting ) kind of service to make "moolah". Well I beg to differ again, there is some element to the meaning of "Clouds".
Major utilization - usage of systems, can be achieved, without idling or waste of resources. So theoretically, with a secure connection ( I talk broadband here ) you might be able to connect to systems in USA, while they are sleeping and work to get its power from India, when you are awake! Sounds OK.

It is a way of shared service. On the cloud.

Also the license management, of costly software or SaaS, can be optimally utilized for a given multinational corp. (MNC) with a fixed set of licenses, with this method - cloud product licence management ( a product that I am trying to patent! ).

So major achievement of cloud computing comes from the infrastructure management seamlessly.

It is not just a technology, it is an evolving business Model. Hence clouds can represent, merge different location with one another and effectively use infrastructure.

Finally we should not forget in India, that there is bottleneck on bandwidth and also the inherent politico user control on spectrum.


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