Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Maruti Wagon R mileage

For Maruti Wagon R Lxi I am getting about 8 KMPL with AC in Bangalore city traffic (South Bangalore, so not many signal). Without AC I get about 10 KMPL. How do I measure? I fill 20 litres everytime and reset the mileage meter (not Odometer!). Next time, at the start of the day, if near Empty, I note the reading. Never crossed 200.

May be if i drive for long distance, I might get that advertised 17 KMPL.! (under test conditions blah blah ;-) )

I have also checked with Kalyani where I bought, and after thorough analysis they suggested that I am getting the right mileage!

Earlier I drove an Esteem for 8+ years that I bought in 1999 after returning from US. I used to get similar mileage. Reason: Same Engine. 1100 cc.


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ஷண்முகப்ரியன் said...

My santro is also giving the same mailaege in city.