Monday, April 20, 2009

End of World

What do u think of this? I read this in one of the Astrology groups.

The Mayan Civilization has predicted the end of world for 21-12-2012, 11-11 hrs, GMT

This would be preceded by a lot of earth quakes.


Sri Aurbindo Ghosh and his Mother had also predicted the same before 2020.

Nostradamus has many verses seeing the end.

There are enough quotes ( of 2000AD as end, with lost days of 12 years owing to Gregorian calendar change )

What do u think as to whether it will happen?

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ஷண்முகப்ரியன் said...

Will there be no end for this 'End of the World'drama?
For every one the world ends at the time of their death.Thus the world has ended so many million times beforehand and now also ending everyday for some individual.
So why should we worry about an collective 'End of the world'?