Friday, January 02, 2009

3G failure: Corporate Governance and Greed

The main issue, India is confronted today is about corporate governance and greed.

Though most of the chieftains pays are linked to performance, the base pay itself is questionable.

For example, I know a very small co. with a market cap of 25 crore rupees only, giving the CEO more than a crore pay, with all benefits, while the annual tunrover of the company is only 16 crores or so. Also there is always a negative profit, in the sense that the company garnered about 350 crore rupees from the market, when the SENSEX and NIFTY were so high, mind boggling levels and the extra ordinary income in terms of Euro (account in Switzerland, God know why in the hell they want a Swiss account, earning paltry interest) . So the EPS is always shown on the higher levels, owing to the interest income.

SENSEX moved down (shall I say, mowed?) 21,000 to 8000 now.

I predict this year to be around 12000 levels, and surprise on the parliament election results, might tank to 7000.

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