Tuesday, December 16, 2008



Two great friends, who hadn't seen each other for years, were walking down the street together, renewing old times. "Just a minute," said one, "I think I hear something," and turning a loose paving stone over he liberated a cricket which was chirping merrily away.

"Why, that's astounding. Of all the people on the street at this hour, hurrying from work, you alone hear the cricket above all the traffic noises."

"My friend," said the first. "I learned a long time ago that people hear in life only what they want to hear. Now, the noise of traffic has neither increased nor decreased in the past few moments, but watch."

And as he finished speaking he let a silver half dollar fall from his pocket to the sidewalk. Everyone within an amazingly large hearing distance stopped and looked around.

It is said that life can sometimes be compared to a movie. By watching the trailer we decide how the movie is and we are right in many cases. Keeping this in mind we realized that along with details it is also important to look at life from a different angle.

This may sound stupid, but think twice!

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