Monday, December 15, 2008

இந்தியன் விக்டரி

Possible win, as seen by KP system of astrology yesterday. Only thing is I timed that it would be all over at 3.30 Pm, nevertheless it was 4.05PM, wen the final boundary was struck by Sachin Tendulkar, getting the winning runs along with his 41st Test century.

He dedicates his effort to the team and the victims of Mumbai.

I was a nice victory, a team effort I would say!

Four on Four for Dhoni. Winner like Ricky Ponting! Thanks to Lakshmi Rai's energy tonic.

Not a word uttered about Dravid, who will get another chance at Mohali. Something special has to be done by him. His good time comes after Dec 19th. So from then onwards he gets 122 days of solid good time, to recover and retire. You can see some big innings from him. K Srikkanth please make a note of this!

Mark my words Rahul Dravid retires from International cricket on or around April 20th, 2009. This might be after a fabulous, Indian victories abroad. Pakistan tour is not there, so it would be against New Zealand.

சோ டிராவிட் வில் நாட் கோ டு வெஸ்ட் இண்டீஸ் போர் த டூர்.

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