Sunday, November 30, 2008

My interview with NY Times

Gist of my interview with NY Times

(1) Dy CM loose talk not acceptable, what if his family had been there?
(2) NSG needed in 8 cities - Metros and major population ones
(3) Non political, neutral Homeland security needed
(4) State Police need weapons and good salary, containing bribes
(5) Execute underworld
(6) Put a limit of self styled propaganda social media militants, for spreading wrong info
(7) Stop announcing compensation politics
(8) Bandhs to be banned
(9) Pseudo police state with IDs, pain in the butt, but weeds of terror
(10) More budgetary support
(11) Compulsory Army training for college students able bodied men/women
(12) 5% of corp profits to be paid for their security to govt, spl tax
(13) Disallow politicians visiting martyrs
(14) No live TV should be allowed
(15) Terrorists were getting inputs over Blackberry from some contacts outside watching live TV. Points to NDTV.
(16) Modi visit wrong, why would he visit Trident when operation was on?
(17) Modi thinks he is next Home Minister
(18) Taj Trident Interns were Students hired with fake ID
(19) PM has to be very assertive
(20) Sea needs more protection
(21) OK to charge a spl security tax, as MP Manishankar Aiyar says no money allocated
(22) Remove Red tape on purchases
(23) Ban media and people cordoning area of Police operation
(24) Safeguards neighbors and bystanders
(25) Govt hotline for anon tip
(26) Suitable rewards for foiling terror
(27) Ban rationalistic politics like MNS, Shiv Sena
(28) We are all Indian first then state
(29) Allow private hospitals to treat without charge during calamity and charge govt. later
(30) Official Govt. Brief spokesperson needed

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