Tuesday, March 04, 2008

You say offshoring, I say outsourcing - My comments

Read this topic please.
There is a report on This clearly shows that not all activities are getting sent out of USA for work. 5 or 6 percent is very minimal. But there are cost leveraging advantages too!. To overcome this USA govt should be more liberal in giving tax concessions for businesses for training the locals on software and IT related trainings. Also the visa for work restrictions, may please be removed. If someone talented comes in from abroad, he or she would be able to survive only if there is good quality of workmanship, without which they would not be able to survive in this highly competitive world. Also those who come in to USA, would spend most of their earnings back into the society, helping to churn the economy in a better way. The time taken to explain requirements would be saved, if the same person is brought in at a highly competitive prevailing local wages.

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