Friday, March 07, 2008

India Out, Welcome Vietnam!

Nice interesting article on how India is loosing out to Vietnam!

Poor HR policies to blame! Good resources are missing out on fakes and stubborn characters, who cliams to be the best!

Any organization to survive should be employee oriented.

Take the care of Wipro/Infosys/Satyam/Cognizant/EDS etc. Now Mindtree is a superb org. Sasken has been one. Many more are there and very sorry to miss out. There are some obvious miss outs, based on the HR policies.... and no process in the org.

As they say, a compnay is good as it gets, with better employees. This is getting stronger day by day. For the risk of opportunity a person, takes, co's should also provide sufficient time to prove for anyone at any level, starting from freshers. No one is a robot to work for batteries err.. peanuts.

If employees are not treated well, the co's go into trouble mode. Stocks are halved in price. Employee Morale goes down, natural attrition hits high.

Long live India!

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