Sunday, November 18, 2007

Koffee with Anu - 17th Nov 2007 (Kannamoochi Yenada)

It started with Nakkal of Sathyaraj. He is too good. The vazhum Periyar, is great.
Radhika was stiff, not communicable by Anu. Well it could be a problem of Anu.
I dont understand how Radhika manages Radaan, Acts in movies, Serials etc and finds time for family. Hats off!
Even though the film is a dud as per critics, it is made to sound that it is great by Priya - the director. I laughed at the way the camera woman, said something about Priya being the great etc. Lousy Lady!
Prithivraj is useless as a promotion person for the film, and he was giggling a la Aishwarya Rai, and always interested in talking about the neroine - Sandhya. Well that's how one sells.
Thanks to Simbu, these gimmicks of promoting the movie does work.
My plan of Billionaire for a day! is still on.

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