Friday, January 26, 2007

Worlds shortest screenplay

Worlds Shortest Screenplay

A couple is sitting on the beach happily talking, while their daughter is playing in the sand, running around.

The focus shifts to the distant sea, rising sun and the boats in their fish catching business.

Focus even closer to a catamaran boat and the fishermen, seeing at a distance.

Now shift the focus far off, to a large huge wave.

The save life trembling eyes are shown of the fishermen.

Shift the focus back a bit, the catamaran is down on the waves and the men are missing.

Shift the focus back again to the beach, the couple is missing, and the sand castle washed away.

Shift the focus back and show the little girl standing on a overturned boat, with weeping eyes.

Freeze off.

I call this "Tsunami"

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