Sunday, December 16, 2007

Masthana Masthana 2 (Dec 16th 2007)

Masthana Masthana 2 touched my heart today (Dec 16th 2007)

Raghava Lawrence, brought his trust kids (who could have ilai maraivu kayaga hid their oonam) and gave a wonderful performance.

Marans should give a bulk of amount, if possible, from the Sun Foundation.

Otherwise, the boring judges Meena and "That Picker guy" are replaced with Raghava Lawrence, Mumtaz & "Someone".

Not bad!

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Dheenu said...

I am very much impressed with what he is doing. Eventhough there are many such trust using his personality and media to bring it up to light is a good idea.I searched in google i cant find the name of his trust. Is there a web site?