Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blue Cross, PETA and Bangalore Stray Dogs

Nothing much is done by Blue Cross or PETA in Bangalore on stray dogs in the street.
Bangalore became a laughing stock, in the recent Marathon. I personally witnessed at around 8 AM near Ulsoor Lake, last Sunday during teh Bangalore Marathon, my friend being chased by a stray dog. Pathetic. Don't blame government authorities, they are doing their best, working under the law.
PETA folks, pardon me for being cynical, should also take this issue than going to the meat cutters shop & KFC for photo ops in newspapers & media.
Does PETA guys know that vegetables are also a form of life, where the plants grow to give them to us? Do they know whether they cry, if we pluck their fruits etc? Disgusting!
Even today morning when I was walking down to office on Bannerghatta Road, some fierce dog started chasing me. Luckily I escaped. If I had had a gun, you know the rest!

(I would also receive some funny comments like these from shit eaters... without understanding what I wrote...

i think this way of thinking is highly unfair...dont u have a heart ...u cold heartless soul...i curse you that u shold be born the same in ur next birth....they also have a rite 2 live....ur children should loose there legs under the wheels of a bus...have u done 1 thing good in ur life.....bloody guy....ur are in their region ..not they... Neha, Bangalore IP address (BSNL User)

and I would trace them down with the special software that I have installed on my blog, with IP id and ensure that their balls/boobs cut .. Also with my magical powers I can send kutti satan to immobilize their good will)