Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Performance and Service in Private sector

Few people have the mentality that they can work aroudn the same way in Private sector, that they have seen around in governement sector. I am a person who has moved from govt. co to a private one.

Nobody accepts drunk co-workers in Private sector.

Just handling a small team, which has a team leader, does not constitute major work as a Manager.

People have to ensure that they get the job done for the money being paid. Just marking the time, alone will not help. Better find a job elsewhere.

Just by not accepting the final offer with details, but the offer on accepting to make a mark in the private sector will not help.

When there is a 3 months notice for all the people in the company in the management cadre, and not accepting that in principle, does not constitute sub-ordination.

You have to respect seniors. Without that you cannot survive in the Private sector.

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