Friday, October 12, 2007

Obituary - My Dad Mr.Meenakshisundaram - October 5th, 2007

My dad Mr Meenakshisundaram (Son Of Mr Sankaran Chettiar of Timmarayanpalayam, near Mettupalayam) passed away peacefully in the early hours of October 5th 2007, Friday. (in the sleep). He was 69 and nearing the 70th birthday. He was cremated the same day. The last rites were performed, on October 10th Wednesday at Nandavanam, Mettupalayam.
For the last 5 years he was retired. He was into Hosiery business at Tiruppur, Tamilnadu, INDIA.
It is a big loss for us and now my brother & family will take care of my mom. My sisters live in the same town, so no issues, they can meet often.
He is survived by his 3 younger brothers and 4 younger sisters. He has been taking care of them from the age of 17, as my Grand Father had passed away in Kotagiri during 1952. My Grand Ma had passed away at the age of 80, 5 years ago.
I have been sort of detached from the family for the last 17+ years after college and work, but every decision I make in career or business or investment, he has been guiding me in every step of the way.
We dont know what he was sufferring from. Mostly it could have been cancer in his lungs. He has been loosing weight regularly from November 2006 (60 to 51). He was using Bromide inhaler - someone predicted Asthma/Bronchitis. His Oxygen flow was perfect, but they couldnt do the biopsy - for the tumour that was found in the scan outside of Trachea, as he was very weak and not recommended for the anasthetic. He was a smoker from young days and had given it up about 5 years ago.
He has been to Kasi and Rameswaram in the last couple of years as he had wished.

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