Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mandal, Reservation, Quota Issues.

The Quota demonstrators can do the following to ensure the government listens

(1) Throw away or burn the passports and pledge alliance for working only for India.
(2) Make the relatives, return back to India and work only in India. (No NRI;s)
(3) Dont work for the MNCs, and work only for the people (Indian co's, wiothout FII stake) and rural upliftment, in small towns/villages.
(4) Shun giving interviews to foreign owned or run channels like CNN-IBN.

This will definitely make the government, make the Caste column in the school/college application form disappear, and everyone is accepted on merit.

Also these IIT and IIM fellas, should stop working for foreign companies right away and give all the money earnt so far, into the Prime Ministers relief fund. Do a Rang De Basanti!

I am waiting for all the reservations to be removed. Also apprecaite Shri Arjun Singhji's determinance. I think he is going to add, 40% more seats - to ensure all are happy. There is fee cut in the offing.

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