Monday, March 20, 2006

Chicken, Flu (H5N1) and Homeopathy Cure!

I was reading the latest Health Magazine (march 2006 issue) from Dr.Batra's clinic and saw the editorial insight of Dr.Mukesh Batra, about the chicken etc.

He feels that all lives are created to co-exist and we should not eat meat. But he missed out on eating usign animal secretions! (milk, scent of a cat, fur etc.., )

Definitely homeopathy have cured 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic which killed 5 million people, and this homeo treatment could be the solution. You have to contact any home doctor for the influenzium of T500C.

Now we see deaths in India based on H5N1 at Maharastra.

May be there is a conspiracy of the Tamiflu producers ( Rs 3000/- a shot/course) let loose this H5N1. Robin cook novel, can talk in detail.

You can buy Homeo #24 from the counter for fighting vigor against any flu. Better check with your physician. I dont guarantee!

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