Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sivaji Story

Sivaji the Rajanikant Starrer
Based on so many guesses, I want this to happen!
Well for the first thing, Nayanthara should dance with Rajni for giving a lucky hit like Chandramukhi.
Rajni can come in dual roles the good and bad, but the same person taking the change, Shankar style a-la Anniyan.
Theme can be black money, like Indian, and some Anniyan and Baasha, with schools/colleges.
Politicians take on with the educational mills can be shown in a nice corrupt way! Aladi Aruna story is hot, they say!
Rajni can use bubblegum instead of cigarrette for style. Call in Simbu to give Rajni the style what youngsters want.
Raghuvaran, can be a very good lucky mascot for Rajni. Give him a role. Also use Manivannan and Nagesh.
Rajni has never done songs like MGR, so get him do it, color him. You can have him dance for MGR style/songs. This will give an opportunity to have him wear old Raja dresses and come like real Shivaji.
Rajnis story to take on black with black, and use some known faces to get the comedy and stories lined up.
He can pair with Vivek instead of Vadivelu, for intelligence sake.
Use good sets, taking on from T Rajendhar for song and best locations abroad.
Use a different fight master than Peter Hain to get the old touch. Kanal Kannan, and Super Subbarayan can be roped in.
BOSS in the title could be expanded as Bachelor of Social Service.

(I have given this outline to Writer Sujatha)

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