Friday, February 24, 2006

About Sourav Ganguly's selection

It was very disappointing for Sourav Ganguly to not have made the team, better luck in the next test.

Infusing the young ones in the team is fine, but at what cost?

Already there are enough issues in the board and looking back last year with the More Kale episode, one has to wonder about the quota system selection of teams.

A person who has established himself well enough for the last few years needs a break! Raina or Kaif is not the replacement....

May be Sourav should retire gracefully! (or give a try till the current 50 lakhs contract expires).

Dravid and Chappell are not making the Indian cricket shine. They have to learn from neighbors selections, for example on the inclusion/exclusion of Jayasuriya - considered one of the best captains and prolific run scorer. Forms come and go, the same happened with Yuvraj. Now even without injury worries, if he can sustain, that would be great!

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