Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kotilinga Visit

When mom was here, we decided to go to Kotilingeshwara temple ( near Bangarapet & Kolar ) about 100 kms away from Bangalore. It is a worth day trip!

You have to take the Hoskote, Kolar, Bangarapet route to reach the temple.

We started around 11 AM, ensuring that the traffic is clear! The weather was unusually too hot that day!

I made a mistake while going near Whitefield after crossing Outer ring road and Marathahalli and took the Sarjapura route instead of straight Hoskote route ( which could have been earlier itself saving 1 hour ), and the tough route ( via Tamilnadu - Bagalur twice - where the Jain Farms land is located ) made us to reach the temple too late! Some part of roads are like mine blasted roads, where the border is there. Same as what I saw near Lepakshi ( AP ).

We saw ZP elections in full swing on the way! Biriyani and Liquor on a Saturday!

We had taken packed home lunch and it was 2.30 PM by the time we ate! ( near the temple complex, parking area! ). One fellow told me temple is closed and would open at 4 PM only. It was a lie! Open all the time, till 9 PM.

Lakhs of lingas are there in the temple! It would take 2 hours to walk around. We did a short walk!

There is also a sacred tree in the temple, where one ties a turmeric thread for a wish!

Single laddu of Tirupathi size costs Rs 50/-. While the entrance fee is Rs 5/- per person into the temple, there is good marketing going on.

We decided to drive via the scenic Kuppam route, to Krishnagiri and back to Bangalore. Though it was 140 kms extra, kids enjoyed the ride via 3 states - AP, KA and TN!

Some pictures shared here...

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