Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hogenakkal Trip

Last Sunday we decided to hit the roads to see Hogenakkal in Tamilnadu ( near Karnataka border ) as a day trip. Vacation mode for kids.

It is about 180 kms from Bangalore ( via Hosur -Krishnagiri - Dharmapuri - Pennagaram ) and a 4 hours drive.

We started at 9.50 AM and reached there at 1.30 PM, right in time for lunch. On the way we stopped in Dharmapuri for getting some Coconut water and Dharbooz. We had packed some fried rice and snacks and were saved! Not many decent hotels are there. We also bought some fish, after checking various places on the road side. 10 rs a piece. But you have to be vary of the oil they use! ( stomach collapsed in the evening ). Even if you buy and give the fish to cook, they charge obscenely it seems! The place near the river bank, where they do pooja's was so dirty. We managed to find a place for eating food under tree shade, with troubles from monkeys, cows and dogs. It is the area, were people offer Karuppu ( Karumam ) for elders passed away. Thithi area. People were cooking and eating near that temple.

We never new it was such a dirty place, commercial minded and very badly managed. I was thinking how Ooty was spoilt like this.

I would never reco this place to anyone, unless they want a drive, and a bit of hill scenary! with villages along the way.

The Pennagaram Panchayat collects Rs 30/- as parking charge about 13 kms before Hogenakkal. Idiots. I hope some TN authorities take care of this. Also at TTDC hotel you can park for Rs 10 and the watchman collects another Rs 10 for tea!

There is another route via Thali, Palakodu and Rayakottai. About 20 kms less, but I am told roads are bad. Some blogger had written about Jigani - Anchetti - Pennagaram route on hills. I would like to try that once....

The falls area is dirty with smell, oil massage washes and there was limited water flow. The bathing area is so crowded with people!

The hanging bridge is a good view point. We did not want to take the coracle, as we were afraid of accidents. We saw one person taken to hospital after drowning.

The heat killed us literally. We were not prepared for that heat! Kids said, that's it - no more visits for this area.

We started back at 4 PM and reached home at 8 PM, with heavy rains on the Krishnagiri Ghats and saw some accidents on the way. Tough to drive after 6 PM. Experience helps.

Morale - get the real tips before you hit the road.


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