Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Law of Leadership: PLAN AHEAD

This law emphasizes that leaders must be able to see the trip ahead, chart a plan to get to the destination, and remain focused on the vision.

A leader is like a navigator who starts with a vision, and then knows what it takes to reach that vision, who they will need on the team, and what obstacles to anticipate and overcome. The leader is the one who sees farthest into the future, making him the best person to guide his followers.

John Maxwell developed a strategy that he has used repeatedly in his leadership–PLAN AHEAD.

  • P: Predetermine a course of action.
  • L: Lay out your goals.
  • A: Adjust your  priorities.
  • N: Notify key personnel.
  • A: Allow time for acceptance.
  • H: Head into action.
  • E: Expect problems.
  • A: Always point to the successes.
  • D: Daily review your plan.

The secret of this law is preparation. When you over-prepared, you convey confidence and trust in people, lack of preparation has the opposite effect.


There is nothing like ones own intuition combined with practical intelligence.

If you are prepared for it, you are going to achieve something!

Never plan when nothing is in hand!

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