Tuesday, April 07, 2009

PMK and voice in Tamilnadu

PMK has been a force to reckon with in 6 districts of Tamilnadu (now 10 MP seats).

2009 is a different ball game, with four fronts in the run up.

See the above graphics. Clearly shows that they are good in about 18 - 20 Assembly segments. For sure wins all alone in 4 assembly segments only.

I bet their individual vote share would be about 4% in polled basis and 6% avg in alliance maths.

What kind of leaders they have to swings votes in another MP seat? No idea.

I wrote in Twitter recently #PMK proved in 1989 they have voice in 6 constituencies, to swing the result. It holds good even now. Their footprint is in 10 MP seats!

Now someone related to them (in caste basis) has to tell whether they got something in terms of returns.....

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