Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Obama and the Illinois Governor

I did a quick Prasna now on Obama and the Illinois Governor, with a question in mind whether Obama will take oath as President of United states of America and saw that Moon is placed in the 5th house., which is connected to 6th and 10th = means that the question is about the job of the person in mind.

Moon is connected with legal troublesome Mars which is placed inthe 3rd.

I deduce that this has something to do with the relatives of Obama, and some illegal connection with Blagojevich.

Now, Saturn is transiting 10th house. Obstacles till Jan 3rd, 2009 7.30 PM IST. And there is a lull period, where the person in question, Obama, should have his mouth shut till, Jan 15th, 2009 1.22 AM IST.

So if Obama is implicated before Jan 3rd, he will not take oath as President. Joe Biden then can officially become President, if the electoral college nominates him or Hillary comes back in the back door.

Also note that, as per KP System, the DBA running during that time would be Sat - Ket - Sat, which means, that March 20, 2009 ( Sat - X - Sat or Sat - Sat - X) would give him life threatening wounds based on his job. So he has to be careful.

Wait and watch!

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