Sunday, November 23, 2008

Two interesting interviews, written by friends

One of my interviews went like this:
Interviewer : Good Morning. How are you doing today?
Me : Hi.
I/v : So, Can you brief about yourself.
Me : I guess everything I can say is on my resume.
I/v : Oka..y, Do you know any C++?
Me : All I know is C.
I/v : But I dont know C too well. Besides, what is there to ask in C?
Me : I guess that is your problem. I have been short listed for C and that is all I ever want to know. I am not even interested in learning C++. So you have to ask me in C. Ask me anything in C and I shall answer.
I/v : Oka..y, can you tell me the difference between C and C++?
Me : (after a chuckle) I guess I made clear that I dont know C++. Do you think I can answer that?
I/v : Okay. Guess I dont have any quesions for you. You can leave now. We will get back to you shortly.

In around a week, I got the offer letter.


My latest interview :
I/v : Hi, how are you doing today?
me : Well, not so good, I guess. No sleep for the last couple of nights and to make it worse, I ran out of coffee yesternight.
I/v : Is it some project for your current company.
me : Nope. I dont have no job right now. My contract with the previous company ended two weeks back and that's why I am here. Actually, I was trying to create a tiny OS that would have only what I need. But the damn thing crashes every time I try to load a specific reentrant function. Man, I am working my brains out, but still struck on this stupid thing. Guess I need a break.
I/v : Interesting.. Do you know anything about our company?
me : Oh yeah. I googled even before applying to you guys. In fact the details I got about this company are quite impressive. That's the main reason I applied for this company. I enjoy working with this sort of company and though I do have a couple of offers from xyz, zyx companies, I will appreciate if you guys selected me and will join here.
I/v : Guess I dont have much to ask. Your resume is stunning. Do you have any questions?
me : Yes. If I join here, what would be my office hours?
I/v : We are flexible with that. You can choose any time that suits you.
me : Gee. Thanks. Thats what I expect.
I got the offer immediately.

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