Thursday, April 24, 2008

My life In Bangalore!

Garden City Bangalore AKA Bengalooru/Bengaluru...

Elloriya Namaskaragalu!

I visited Bangalore during my childhood days of 1970's when my grandma was here. Osalli Road. Padarayanpura, closer to Vijaya Nagar. (She had bought a ground of land for Rs 40,000 then, with silk maggas & house) and during 1990 she sold it for Rs 4 Lakhs. Today I am told the price is about Rs 40 Lakhs. Too much! 10 times in 18 year! Thanks to IT Boom!

Real estate prices are very silly in Bangalore.

Just go across to Hosur side, Thalli Side, Denkani Kottai side, you get at half the price. In fact Thalli is having an operational airbase. Cargo airport is due to come there.

I frequented visitign Bangalore bcoz of its Garens and and nice cool life.

When I got my job in 1990, I wished to be posted here, but got Secunderabad. But frequented regularly.

After I returned back from USA in 1999, I wanted to settle in Bangalore. Hmm.. did not happen as I wished. Movements in 2001 and 2003. For good or bad. Now back in Bengaluru!

I will write more...

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