Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New budget ideas for a super budget, Mr PC!

Here are my proper suggestions to make life simple in India - budget expectations.

* Provide a flat tax (including AMT) to 17% - I have proposed this from 1991 onwards.
* Increase service tax to 15%
* Drop the surcharges.
* Make no tax no more than its own cost.
* Bring the honesty pays policy and give a rebate for charity contributions, upto 10% - not NREG, but a Govt. setup fund, when no one cat eat it. Remember Rajiv Gandhi told, only 5% reaches on the budget plan meant for poor?
* Unemployed should get training and some money to eat. Set the training time to 6 months with a subsidy of Rs 12,000/- per individual. This should be administered jointly by state and center - equal contribution. This is apart from NREG - hard labour.
* Make usage and taxation ambit of petro-products under national purview - federal only - easy to administer the price linked to international market movements and compensate the state for revenue loss. (All VAT is easy right?)

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