Sunday, October 28, 2007

Koffee with Anu (Anuradha Sriram & Priyamani)

The program on October 27th was nice, with Anuradha Sriram & Priyamani, coming in planned matching skyblue color dress.
They were very polite in their demeanor, and I see good changes in the way Anu handles the guests. Better now!
I have seen Anuradha Sriram (both) and Priyamani in airports and other shopping areas & restaurants, and they sounded the same with no artificiality. My wife liked both of them! Male Gaze?
Little bit of Guru things on Deva by Anuradha was not needed as she was made to sign double entendere songs.
On the other hand Priyamani was riding on the success of Paruthiveeran, a classless act. Nice!. I hope she doesnt end up behaving like Padmapriya, which other attitude issues etc. I wish her to get a national award!
Good Luck to both of them, and a nice program after the much hyped Jodi No 1 Season 2 (which was a drab - where Yugendran & wife were best).

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Anonymous said...


Your wish has come true!

Priyamani won the award!

Did you bribe someone to get it?